The Wishart Node has developed or been involved in the development of multiple spin-off companies, both within and outside of metabolomics, since 2001. If you have the opportunity to deal with any of these spin-offs, please mention you were referred by the Wishart Node of The Metabolomics Innovation Centre. The spin-offs are listed in chronological order.

Chenomx (pronounced “kee-NO-mix”) (established in 2001) develops and sells NMR metabolomics software for the quantitative analysis of mixtures. It is based in Edmonton.

OMx Personal Health Analytics (OMx pronounced “O-mix) (established in 2013) develops and sells software license subscriptions to enhanced versions of DrugBank. The enhanced, commercial version of DrugBank contains more in-depth data than the free version. OMx is based in Edmonton.

Molecular You Corporation (established in 2015) is a precision-medicine health company based in Vancouver and Edmonton.

MetaSci Inc. (established in 2017) designs, assembles, and sells chemical reference standards and chemical reference mixtures. It is based in Toronto.

Tricca Technologies Inc. (established in 2018) develops portable, low-cost devices for medical testing using electrical impedance, electrochemical sensing, and colorimetric sensing. It also develops cold storage systems to ship biological samples. It is based in Edmonton.

MetabolomiX Incorporated (also known as MTX) (established in 2019) produces metabolomics kits for NMR, GC-MS, and LC-MS platforms. It is based in Edmonton.

Q Boost Inc. (established in 2021) is a lab quality management company based in Edmonton.

Metabolomics Innovations

Metabolomics Innovation Inc. (MII) established in 2022 is a data based company. It develops and sells software license subscriptions to the enhanced versions for one of the most used databases such as HMDB and FooDB from Wishart Node. These enhanced and commercial versions offer more in depth data and other smart features such as SMART Searches, customizable APIs etc.