Metabolomics Services

Explore the TMIC Wishart Node’s metabolomics service offerings, including LC-MS, GC-MS, ICP-MS, NMR, and UV-LC. We perform targeted and untargeted metabolomic analysis, as well as lipidomics and proteomics. We also offer customized services – just contact us!
MTX GIGA Assay (LC-MS Targeted)
MTX GIGA Assay (LC-MS Targeted) Contact Us Select-Option
MTX MEGA Assay (LC-MS Targeted)
MTX MEGA Assay (LC-MS Targeted) $100.0 – $156.0 Select-Option
MTX Prime Assay (LC-MS Targeted)
MTX Prime Assay (LC-MS Targeted) $65.0 – $85.0 Select-Option
LC-MS (Targeted) for Water-Soluble Vitamins
LC-MS (Targeted) for Water-Soluble Vitamins $55.0 – $72.0 Select-Option
LC-MS (Targeted) for Fat-Soluble Vitamins
LC-MS (Targeted) for Fat-Soluble Vitamins $45.0 – $59.0 Select-Option
LC-MS (Targeted) for Uremic Toxins
LC-MS (Targeted) for Uremic Toxins $70.0 – $91.0 Select-Option
LC-MS (Targeted) for Steroids Analysis
LC-MS (Targeted) for Steroids Analysis $60.0 – $78.0 Select-Option
LC-MS (Targeted) for Catecholamines
LC-MS (Targeted) for Catecholamines $40.0 – $52.0 Select-Option
LC-MS (Targeted) for Plant Analysis
LC-MS (Targeted) for Plant Analysis $60.0 – $130.0 Select-Option
LC-MS (Targeted) for Bile Acid & Cholesterol Metabolism
LC-MS (Targeted) for Bile Acid & Cholesterol Metabolism $75.0 – $98.0 Select-Option
LC-MS (Targeted) for 1-Carbon Metabolism
LC-MS (Targeted) for 1-Carbon Metabolism $40.0 – $52.0 Select-Option
LC-MS (Targeted) for Polyphenols
LC-MS (Targeted) for Polyphenols $60.0 – $78.0 Select-Option

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